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Volume One:
The Early Years

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In Chapters 1-5, nine year old Indiana Jones leaves his home in Princeton, New Jersey to embark on a tour of the world with his parents and tutor, Miss Seymour. Join Indy as he explores ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, Africa, China, and Benares, India. Beginning with Chapter 6, sixteen year old Indy heads to New Mexico where he becomes involved in the Mexican Revolution and then travels to England to join the fighting in World War I. Click an image below to explore resources related to each chapter.


Chapter One: My First Adventure

Egypt/North Africa, 1908

Indy meets T.E. Lawrence and Howard Carter while visiting Egypt. It is here Indy is first introduced to archaeology and Ancient Egyptian culture. Later, Indy is captured by slave traders and must escape capture.


Chapter Two: Passion for Life

British East Africa/Paris, 1908

Passion for Life begins in Paris where Indy learns about art from a young Norman Rockwell and up-and-coming Pablo Picasso. Indy then travels to Africa where he goes on safari with Theodore Roosevelt and Frederick Selous.


Chapter Three: The Perils of Cupid

Vienna/Florence, 1908

Indy discovers Renaissance art and architecture in Florence and meets famed composer, Giacomo Puccini. On a visit to Austria, Indy finds himself falling in love with Princess Sophie and seeking out advice from the likes of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

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Chapter Four: Travels with Father

Russia/Greece, 1910

After a quick tour of Greece and lessons from Professor Jones in drama, philosophy, and democracy, Indy travels to Russia. There he decides to run away and happens upon a friendship with author Leo Tolstoy.


Chapter Five: Journey of Radiance

Benares/Peking, 1910

Indy meets Jiddu Krishnamurti while visiting Benares, India and learns about the religions of the world and their numerous commonalities. Later, while travelling through China Indy falls ill and is treated with traditional Chinese medicine.


Chapter Six: Spring Break Adventure

Princeton/New Mexico, 1916

Now 16, Indy becomes involved in the theft of a Thomas Edison invention and, with the help of his girlfriend, work to solve the crime. Later, Indy finds himself heading to New Mexico where he is captured by Mexican rebel, Pancho Villa.


Chapter Seven: Love's Sweet Song

Dublin/London, 1916

Indy travels to Europe to join the Belgian Army in the Great War, but first stops in Ireland where rebellion is brewing. Once he arrives in England, Indy falls in love with a suffragette and joins her cause.

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