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"Launching June 28th!"

Join us for inspiring conversations held at the crossroads of learning and design as we provide pertinent commentary on relevant issues and informative interviews with leaders and practitioners from the fields of education, entertainment, technology and more. 

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"Welcome to the Show!"

Imagination and creativity are valued mindsets in the workplace and in our lives, but what place does they currently have in our schools? Join us as we chat with innovative educators Chris Beyerle and Ken Morrill on this topic and more for the premier episode of The Imagineering Education Podcast.

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"Bringing Learning to Life"

We continue our conversation with award-winning educators Chris Beyerle and Ken Morrill as they provide examples from their classrooms of ways in which problem-based and community-focused learning experiences can inspire students to grow their creative capacity.

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"Of Monkeys, Temples, and Indiana Jones"

In this episode, we catch up with Adam Bray, the USA Today and Amazon Best-Selling author of nearly 20 official Star Wars, Marvel and LEGO books as well as nearly 40 books on travel in Southeast Asia. During our discussion about the importance of stories and their ability to motivate, inspire, and educate, we touch on some of the many adventures that led to CNN naming Adam a “Modern Indiana Jones,” from working with great apes, to finding lost temple ruins in Vietnam, and writing in a galaxy far, far away….

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"The Case for Curiosity"

Ready to get curious? In this episode, we chat with veteran educator and author, Matt Murrie, Executive Director and Chief Curiosity Curator for What If…? Curiosity, about the power of curiosity and how having a curious mindset can unleash the creative potential found within your students and yourself.

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"Get Thee to a Galaxy Far, Far Away"

The stories of Shakespeare and Star Wars take center stage as we explore the similarities found
between these timeless tales and others with authors S.T. Bende (Star Wars 5-Minute Stories Strike
Back, Star Wars Galactic Adventures) and Ian Doescher (William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Series).



"Leaders and Legacies (Part One)"

In Part One of our conversation with veteran middle school principal Jeff Jenkins, we examine how strong leaders impact organizations through setting a vision, empowering others and creating a culture that encourages the success of all.

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"Leaders and Legacies (Part Two)"

Many years ago, Steven Covey noted that one of the habits of highly effective people was the ability to “begin with the end in mind.” In Part Two of our conversation with middle school principal Jeff Jenkins, we discuss ways in which leaders can leave a powerful legacy for the future through the actions they intentionally plan for today.

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"The Power of Passion-Based Teaching"

When middle school STEM teacher Devan Lewis’ principal, Jessica Schenck, announced to the staff that they could design and teach their own elective course, Devan chose a subject near and dear to her heart: the work of Disney’s Imagineers. In this episode, we chat with Devan and Jessica about her Imagineering class, the idea behind the school-wide initiative, as well as the importance of allowing students, and teachers, to follow their passions.

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"Engaging Students with Stories...and Star Wars"

In this episode of The Imagineering Education Podcast, we chat with Craig Dickinson, veteran middle school ELA teacher and founding member our Star Wars in the Classroom professional learning network, "The Rogues", as he explains the importance of learning with stories, including a look at how he teaches the “Hero’s Journey” with Star Wars.


"Playing and Making and Writing, Oh My" 

Author and Instructional Designer Angela Stockman joins us for an inspiring conversation about the powerful role of play and creativity within the learning process and how to encourage reluctant writers to develop and express their ideas through a host of non-traditional means.


"Skills for Life" 

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Family and Consumer Sciences educator Joyce Krebs as she shares how she has “re-imagineered” her hands-on classes during the time of Covid, while modeling valuable skills such as resiliency and grit for her students and fellow teachers alike.


"Learning in a Virtual World"

Author and Ed Tech leader Jesse Lubinsky leads us through an exploration of the benefits of
incorporating augmented and virtual reality into the classroom, as well as explaining the rise in
popularity of bringing eSports into schools to reach a diverse cross-section of students.


"The Jedi Mind"

Does life have you feeling less like Yoda and more like Vader? Then join us for an inspiring conversation about the importance of mindfulness with Star Wars author Amy Ratcliffe as we discuss her newest book, The Jedi Mind: Secrets from the Force for Balance and Peace and examine how practices inspired by characters from that galaxy far, far away can help you gain, and maintain, a balanced life.

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