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Join us for an inspiring learning adventure with our interactive workshops that provide strategies and resources to assist in helping you achieve your organizational goals and dreams. Workshops can be tailored to meet your needs and vary in length based on subject, with most consisting of minimum 90 minute sessions. Half-day or full-day options are available upon request for select topics. Click on a heading below to learn more.

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Based on the TEDx Talk that started it all, discover how the principles and practices used by Disney's Imagineers to create the most exciting theme parks in the world can be used to transform your school or classroom into an immersive space filled with engaging learning experiences that will inspire your students through the artful blending of science, storytelling, and imagination. Filled with collaborative hands-on activities for idea generation and problem-solving, participants will be guided on a crash-course in the design process in order develop solutions to specific needs. 

Imagineers will tell you that no matter what they're creating, it all begins with a story. Discover how you can tap into the power of well-crafted narratives to create standards-based lessons and activities that will motivate and inspire your students as you immerse in the content that you're teaching. Besides exploring relevant research that supports this instructional strategy, we'll also review the critical components required for creating engaging stories, provide successful examples of story-based lessons and guide you in the process of creating your own.

In this deep dive, hands-on session, we'll explore practical ways to integrate the design thinking process into classrooms in order to help your students connect with the Science and Engineering Practices in real and meaningful ways as they focus on developing empathy and a deep understanding of the challenges that they hope to solve. As a result, you'll be prepared to empower your students to become human-centered problem solvers who can have an immediate impact on the world around them. To preview what this can look like for your students and community, read about our SFCSxDesign Pallet House Project that was featured by Edutopia as a "Best Practice of Design Thinking in Schools."

Join us on an adventure to that galaxy far, far away as we explore ways to inspire your students to learn scientific principles and concepts dealing with a variety of topics such as interdependent relationships within ecosystems, biodiversity, physical science and more with inspiration from characters and scenarios from the Star Wars saga. The content of this session can be modified to apply to students of multiple grade levels and learning abilities and involves hands-on activities that have been selected to be easily replicated. 

Join us for a fun-filled exploration of history, science, culture and more as seen through the eyes of everyone's favorite archaeologist, Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones." Focusing on the educational uses of the critically-acclaimed and Emmy Award-winning series, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, as well as the Indiana Jones feature films themselves, you'll discover numerous ways to integrate these films, and the incredible documentaries that support them, into your classroom through an interdisciplinary approach. This workshop is a deeper dive into content and resources than our Adventures in Learning with Indiana Jones presentation and focuses on instructional practices involving hands-on activities and the use of video clips of the films as well as the effective use of primary sources related to the series. To get a sense of our Indiana Jones-related work, visit Adventures in Learning with Indiana Jones.

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