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Brook Valley: A Story of What Could Be

One Little Spark of Inspiration is at the Heart of all Creation

In a quiet suburban town, there once stood a very traditional school named Brook Valley Middle. In fact, it looked like what you’d imagine almost any school to be, with tidy hallways, classrooms filled with desks arranged in straight, neat rows, and walls adorned with educational posters encouraging students to work hard and do their best. Basically, Brook Valley was very much an "every school;" that is, until a new principal, Dr. Angie Evans, arrived with a vision that would change everything.

Dr. Evans had a passion for creativity and innovation in education. Her eyes sparkled with excitement as she shared her dreams of transforming Brook Valley into a hub of imagination and experiential learning. She first heard about the concept of applying Imagineering principles and practices to educational settings during a conference she attended the previous year, and she believed it held the key to unlocking the true potential of her students and teachers. During the keynote, the speaker encouraged the audience of educational leaders by reminding that, "One little spark of inspiration is at the heart of all creation," and like the Disney character, Figment, each of them carried that spark. They simply had to discover it and then share it with others.

As the school year commenced, a buzz of anticipation filled the air. The students, unsure of what to expect from their new principal, entered their classrooms with curiosity and a touch of nervousness that always comes at the beginning of a new school year. To their amazement, they found their once-static, traditional environments transformed into vibrant, interactive learning spaces. The traditional desks were replaced with cozy nooks and collaborative workstations. Colorful murals depicting historical events, scientific wonders, and literary adventures adorned the walls.

That first day was unlike any other. For instance, in social studies classes, teachers introduced their students to the concepts that they would be learning that year, but not in the traditional way. Instead of the usual lectures and note-taking, students found themselves immersed in a captivating story. The tale transported them back to ancient civilizations, where they felt as if they were experiencing history firsthand. They sailed with explorers, discovered new lands, and engaged with historical figures through virtual reality. As they progressed through their day, students discovered that the other classes were just as engaging, yet in their own, unique way related to that subject.

In the weeks that followed, Brook Valley Middle School came alive with experiential learning activities. Students were tasked with designing and building prototypes of eco-friendly vehicles for a science fair. The schoolyard, landscaped with vibrant new plantings before the school year began, became a bustling hive of creativity, with students discussing ideas, sketching designs, and collaborating with their peers.

The classrooms of Brook Valley were filled with laughter and excitement, and even the most reserved students found their voices and passions. The once-shy seventh-grader, Jane, became a budding artist, contributing intricate designs to the solar-powered vehicle her team designed for the science fair. John, who had always struggled with math, discovered a knack for geometry while measuring angles for their creation.

An Imagineering-inspired approach to learning had brought out the best in the students. They no longer feared failure but embraced it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Dr. Evans noticed a change in the atmosphere of the school, among both students and teachers. The students were more motivated and confident, eager to take on challenges and share their ideas with the world, while the teachers were grew professionally as they collaborated more than they ever had with their colleagues as they worked together to improve the learning experiences and spaces of the school.

As the school year progressed, Brook Valley became a beacon of creativity and innovation. The school's walls displayed the students' incredible projects, showcasing their dedication and hard work. Parents and community members were amazed by the transformation, and they couldn't help but admire the positive impact it had on their children.

With each passing day, Dr. Evans’ vision of Imagineering-infused education became a reality. The school's success inspired neighboring schools to follow suit, and the movement spread like wildfire. The integration of Imagineering principles and practices into these learning environments revolutionized the way education was perceived, breaking free from the constraints of traditional methods that often failed to motivate, excite and inspire.

Brook Valley Middle School had become more than just a school; it was a place where dreams were nurtured and possibilities were limitless. The students had become the architects of their own futures, armed with creativity, critical thinking, and a positive growth mindset. And so, with Imagineering as their guide, they set forth on a journey of lifelong learning and endless discovery.


While Dr. Evans and Brook Valley Middle are fictional, we use this story to demonstrate the possibilities of what could be for your school, and every school, as the principles of engagement that are used by Disney’s Imagineers are very real and very applicable to learning environments of every type. We’ll explore these concepts and more in the Imagineering Education Course, a self-paced, online experience that will provide inspiration for creating an educational movement of your own within your classroom, your school school or any place where learning occurs. Register here to receive updates and more information about the course, launching early this fall.

Just remember, it only takes one little spark. That spark could be you.

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