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Looking for an inspiring keynote presentation for your conference, or perhaps an out-of-the-box exploration of unique, content-specific topics?  Our Speaker Series offerings cover a wide variety of subjects that will enlighten, motivate and entertain audiences. Each presentation can be tailored to meet your specific needs and  will vary in length between 60 to 90 minutes based on subject and available time. For a deeper dive, choose one of our corresponding Workshop offerings related to these topics.

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Walt Disney was a dreamer who believed in an optimistic view of tomorrow and constantly pushed the envelope of possibility by not only imagining what the future might hold, but also by helping shape what that future might be. In this presentation, we'll explore the depths of Walt's futurism, from his Man in Space series to plans for his ultimate vision of creating an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, and along the way, discover the incredible lasting impact of his futuristic dreams. 

While Star Wars sprang from the fertile imagination of visionary storyteller, George Lucas, that incredible galaxy far, far away was heavily inspired by stories and events much closer to home. Join us for an in-depth look at the mythological, cultural, historic and artistic inspiration that helped Lucas and his team bring to life one of the most popular sagas of all time. A particular emphasis will be placed on exploring the influence of world history, ancient mythology, and pop culture. 

The big (and small) screen adventures of Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. have thrilled and excited generations of viewers and inspired many individuals to become archaeologists themselves. While the films are more fiction than fact, and not a very reliable view of the archaeological process, the stories of Indy's exploits can serve as an engaging and informative starting point to exploring the culture and history of ancient civilizations while also shedding light on the story of archaeology and how its practice and influence has changed over time. These ideas and more will be explored in this presentation, with Indiana Jones serving as our guide.

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