Inspired by the work of Disney's Imagineers, we combine the best practices of design and education to create engaging and immersive learning experiences for schools, museums, and business. Drawing on nearly thirty years experience in educational leadership, curriculum development, professional development training and space design, our award-winning lead consultant, Thomas Riddle, will guide you and your team through the process of creating engaging experiences and spaces that will inspire learners of all ages in both formal and informal settings. These proven principles and practices are applicable to the market place as well and can help transform your business' culture, service and productivity.  Whatever your goals, whatever your organization, we will provide the strategies, advice and guidance needed to help you succeed. 

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Walt Disney was a dreamer who truly believed in the notion that, "If you can dream it, you can do it." But Walt also understood the work and dedication that it took to make dreams become a reality. While he set the vision, much of the work fell to his incredible team of dreamers and doers known as the Imagineers. As a result, Walt and his Imagineers not only established one of the most successful businesses of all time, they also created a cultural phenomenon that has left a lasting impact on the world. Their formula for success is applicable to any industry or business, and perhaps especially to education. Through our series of interactive presentations, workshops, coaching, online coursework, and more, we offer a variety of ways for guiding you and your team on the journey to fulfilling your individual or organizational goals and aspirations.


Like the Imagineers, we combine creativity with technical know-how that results in innovative ideas that can transform your school or organization. Likewise, we combine the art and science of teaching and training through creative means in order to provide immersive, engaging learning experiences. Let us show you how. Click on an icon below to learn more. 

Maximize your learning by participating in one or more of our Featured Workshops that provide a hands-on exploration of our content offerings. These interactive experiences allow for a deeper dive into many of the subjects covered in our Featured Presentations and provide activities and resources for maximizing the successful implementation of the strategies that will assist in applying the Imagineering process to your classroom, school, museum or business.

Through our highly engaging and entertaining Featured Presentations, we will motivate and inspire audiences of any size as we explore a wide variety of timely and timeless topics that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your group or organization, including those related to educational best practices, the impact of design thinking for schools and business, how to create immersive experiences for your users (students, teachers, clients, etc), how to tell powerful stories to convey your content, and more.

Join us for inspiring conversations held at the crossroads of learning and design as we provide pertinent commentary on relevant issues and informative interviews with leaders and practitioners from the fields of education, entertainment, technology and more. 

Subscribe to our blog to receive updates and details on our latest events as well as to join discussions around timely topics related to education, leadership, community-building, design, pop culture and more. This is a place for sharing ideas and learning from one another so we hope you'll become an active participant by commenting and adding your voice to the conversation.

Looking for an engaging and entertaining class speaker? With our Virtual Presentation Series, we can connect with classrooms anywhere in the world to provide inspiring instruction on a wide variety of topics across a multitude of disciplines and grade levels. With your input, our interactive presentations can be tailored to suit the unique needs of your particular students.

Our Webinar Series offers you the chance to learn with us at your convenience through both live and prerecorded presentations available through online access. Offerings include some of the most popular presentations from our Education, Business, and Pop Culture Series as well as other special events.  If you can't join a live webinar, select live recordings will be stored online for future access.



With years of experience as award-winning educational content creators for schools, museums and more, we have amassed a rich store of learning resources across multiple subject areas that have proven to be highly successful in a variety of settings. From materials for teaching with Star Wars and Indiana Jones to authentic, community-based design/build projects and more, our Featured Resources can be used to motivate and inspire memorable and impactful experiences for learners of all ages. 





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