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ONLY $200!

Make Learning Magical

Are you ready to transform the way you educate. motivate and inspire your students? Then register today for The Imagineering Education Course, a groundbreaking e-course designed to empower and equip teachers, administrators, and anyone else who is passionate about creating impactful experiences and spaces for learners of all ages. Join us for this exciting journey as we reimagine what teaching and learning can look like, inspired by the innovative techniques of Disney's Imagineers and other creative dreamers.


Course Topics Include:

The Imagineering Process
Discover the secrets behind Disney's Imagineering process and how it can be applied to educational settings. Dive into the principles that make Disney's creations so magical and translate them into impactful learning experiences.

Blue Sky Thinking Techniques
Explore the benefits of thinking beyond conventional boundaries. Unlock your creative potential through Blue Sky Thinking and discover how it can revolutionize your approach to education.

Unlocking the Imagination
Tap into the power of your imagination and learn practical techniques to enhance creativity. Unleash the potential in yourself and your students by inspiring them to think beyond the ordinary.

Creating Impactful Lessons
Develop strategies for creating lessons that leave a lasting impact. Explore innovative teaching methods that engage students on a deeper level and foster a love for learning.

The Power of Play
Discover the importance of play in the learning process. Learn how to integrate play-based activities into your curriculum to make learning enjoyable, memorable, and effective.

Designing Engaging Learning Spaces
Explore the principles of designing learning spaces that inspire creativity and collaboration. Learn how to create environments that stimulate curiosity and enhance the overall learning experience.

Course Breakdown

This self-paced course is delivered through interactive, pre-recorded learning modules that are paired with downloadable tools and resources. Each module includes two to five sections and a short quiz. For those who want to go deeper, opportunities for discussion and collaboration is offered through a members-only community group.

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The Dreamer, The Doers, and You

  • Walt Disney: The Dreamer and Doer

  • The Imagineers: Creative Collaborators

  • Imagineering Education: Why it Matters


The Imagineering Way

  • The Radical Dreamers and Doers

  • Importance of Blue Sky Thinking

  • Unlocking Your Imagination


Designing Meaningful Experiences

  • Environmental Storytelling

  • Crafting an Experience

  • Creating Impactful Lessons and Learning


Once Upon a Time

  • The Power of Story

  • The Power of the Theme


The Importance of Place

  • Transforming Space into a Story Place

  • Setting the Stage: Form, Space and Time

  • The Beckoning Hand the Gateway to Adventure


Thomas Riddle is a master educator and storyteller who artfully blends his enthusiasm and passion into everything he does to authentically engage learners in meaningful ways. His energy is contagious as he weaves the art of storytelling, creates immersive experiences and spaces, and invites you to become active participants in the learning process.
Marialice Curran
Founder & Executive Director at Digital Citizenship Institute

Alexa Young, CA


Here's What You're Getting:

Here's what you're getting:

  • 5 Learning Modules that includes over 6 hours of video content

  • Downloadable Learning Tools and Resources

  • Exclusive access to the Imagineering Education Community Group

  • Unbeatable value for your own on-demand professional development session to watch at your convenience

  • And one more thing... we are offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with the content and resources offered in this course, just let us know within 30 days and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

You get access to all of this for only $200! 

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